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The books I actually took on holiday

I made this big song and dance about buying and taking 2874 books on holiday with me, and reader, I TOOK ONE! You can read about the books I wanted to take with me here but when I was packing for my trip I really freaked out, I couldn’t find the scales to weigh my bags so didn’t want to risk it. I was all packed and I genuinely believed my case would be over the 20kg limit, and because I’m a cheapskate who didn’t want to pay any fees I repacked and took out a couple of books 🙈

 I did keep Thunderhead by Neal Schusterman, the second book in the Arc of Scythe trilogy. And what a book! It’s absolutely brilliant and left on such a cliffhanger, I can’t wait for the third and final book to come out next year.


I did however pack a couple of magazines and I also panic bought a book at the airport and I’m very happy I did. I picked up Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and read it over the two weeks I was away. This is such a brilliant memoir, it’s really really honest and a little sad in parts. Reading about how Knight created Nike and how much hard work it was is truly inspiring.

Shoe dog
I also bought a couple of books for my kindle and I managed to finish Amber Green Takes Manhattan by Rosie Nixon, not my fav book as it’s way toooo unrealistic for me but a light hearted beach read nonetheless. 


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